Each To Their Own

As an agency we have to understand that each individual client that comes to our agency for their companion is going to have their own individual tastes. We have a team of very open minded receptionists so don’t be shy to make a request! The girls we choose to work alongside are also very clued up to what this industry entails so never should you be shy about what floats your boat when dealing with Bunnies of Bristol. Over the last couple of decades people have become a lot more open minded when it comes to pleasure, nowadays fetishes are the norm and everyone has different things that float their boat in the bedroom.

Bristol Dominatrix Service

Dominatrix is a service that has blown up over the past years with this fetish getting a lot of mainstream media attention. The rise of demand for this fetish has been truly incredible with every city around the country sprouting new escort agencies providing this fetish, we are also one of these agencies providing Bristol dominatrix. We have a few select companions offering this service work alongside our agency so if this fetish is something you are into we here at Bunnies of Bristol can cater to your dominatrix needs.

This fetish has been around longer than you would think dating back all the way to 1967, however the boom for this fetish has been in the past decade or two with multiple news outlets writing stories about dominatrix which introduced the world to this fetish. Since that date not only has dominatrix had a huge boom in popularity but it has encouraged the population to be more open minded about fetishes and now new fetishes are becoming more and more mainstream with our generation each year.

Other Fetish Services Our Escort Agency Caters To


As mentioned in the previous paragraph more and more fetishes are popping up out of nowhere and some of them are becoming incredibly popular, especially BDSM. This is the act of inflicting pain or humiliation for sexual thrill, this might seem alien to some people however this is what floats a lot of people’s boats and we are happy to cater to those people.

Foot Worship Bristol

This is one of the biggest fetishes world wide, the foot fetish! We have a select few companions that are willing to offer this service so if you have a thing for feet we are the Bristol escort agency for you! If you are slightly shy about your foot fetish don’t worry as our receptionists have worked in this industry for some time so your foot fetish is fairly normal compared to some requests we get.

We here at Bunnies of Bristol are not the most specialised escort agency when it comes to fetishes so if you are looking for something a little more hardcore why not try Bed Domination they are more better catered to what you may be in search of.